Astrologer . Counsel . Teacher - classes and workshops (tutoring) . Mentoring . Lectures

Studied astrology and GRADUATED WITH TESTING AND CERTIFICATES from Astrology Dynamics, founded by Sybil Leek. The extensive courses included chart calculation without a computer plus written and in-person tests. Information about Sybil is on the Tributes page.

Completed studies in mediumship (spirit communication), healing, and psychic development with teacher, Anne Gehman, NSAC

Other degrees and certifications - clinical hypnotherapy; psychology; pastoral

Astrologer and columnist for Shirley MacLaine for 20yrs

Consultant to authors & media: The book, Wheel of Stars, written by science fiction writer Andre Norton is dedicated to Sandra.

Teaches workshops and classes throughout the year on astrology, dream analysis, various metaphysical and spiritual topics.

Offers astrology consultations by appointment - phone: Astrology chart analysis: karmic astrology; the astrology of spirituality; future cycles; event charting; relocation

Counsel for life planning; goal setting; resolving issues; understanding Natural Law and how to apply it. Sessions are economical and set to the pace of the individual.

Personal Interests: Animal welfare; art

Phone: 323-347-1796