A non dogmatic perspective to spirituality and counsel.

Minister, teacher, mentor

She is an ordained minister haing served as pastor and in various capacities as... 

Ministerial Advisor, 

Certifying Evaluator, 

Certification and Education Committee (chair)

Her personal commitment is a daily meditation and prayer Circle for Animals that anyone may join through attunement. The official time is sunrise wherever you are.

She has serves as pastoral counselor, officiates weddings, naming and blessing services, celebration of life for those who've passed to spirit, and she conducts house blessings for homes, business and land.

Healing by absentia (including pets).

Prayer and healing requests by email.

Spiritual guidance through ministerial counsel can benefit self-understanding and how you've come to be where you are today. Sandra offers personal counsel designed specifically based on individual needs providing a supportive atmosphere wherein issues are discussed to help you make decisions for your best and highest good. Understanding free will and ways to be empowered are aspect of counsel. Sandra believes it's natural to evolve beyond suffering and that suffering isn't punishment or "bad karma". Sessions are economical and confidential - to schedule write to: